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Chocolate Tasting and Factory Tour  Chester, Va.

Chocolate Tasting

Chocolate is a complex fruit, with as many different flavor profiles as coffee or wine.  When you come in for your chocolate tasting and factory tour, you will be presented with four chocolates with the same percent of cocoa from different regions of the world so you can experience just a few of the profile differences in cacao.  All chocolate in our store is fair trade, so you can be ensured that your tasting experience comes from ethically sourced chocolate.  

As part of your tasting and factory tour purchase, you can choose one 3.4 ounce Taylor Made Chocolate bar to take home.  Our bars are twice the size of most fine chocolate bars.  

Chocolate Factory Tour

During the chocolate factory tour, you will be educated on the history of chocolate making, where it grows, how it is harvested and fermented, and then you will see how we hand sort, roast, grind, winnow, conch and create the fine chocolate known as Taylor Made Chocolate.  The Haitian cacao bean is one of our favorites as far as flavor profiles.  We tried many on our journey to choosing a bean source.  We also chose the country of Haiti as it is close enough for us to develop direct relationships with the farmers.  We can directly ensure they are receiving fair pay for their work and can enjoy the developing friendships.  




Adult price:  $12.00

Children:  $8.00

3 and under:  free

Please contact us at (804) 490-1776 or (804) 571-6884.